Glam Secrets Nail Polish Remover

This is another great nail enamel/polish remover, which I spotted on one of the online websites. (Click here for haul in which it is showcased) Glam secrets is another acetone free remover with a pump and Blueberry variant.


I don’t remember the actual price for this, please check the haul for the pricing but it is a big bottle with 160 ml or 5.50 oz. I actually like the bottle and the pump which means you don’t have any accidental spilling. Plus it’s got this supposedly blueberry smell, which I can’t exactly relate or correctly describe.(Only had blueberry muffins not the actual blueberry, so can’t exactly compare), So you overall end up with pleasant smelling fingers and nails.


It’s easy to remove your nail polish with this remover with no residue and especially the  pump makes it so easier to dispense the product. It’s actually a real cool looking bottle and a great product to use.


Would definately recommend to get your hands on this as its acetone free and easily removes your nail polish





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