Loreal Rouge Caresse lip colour- Dating Coral

When you get something free its great, but when it is a makeup product, it is even better.

That is how I got the Loreal Rouge Caresse lip colour which was a add on my Loreal lipstick from the star red collection. I had seen these around, but was never really interested for their sheer colour.
So it was lucky I got it to try out for free and see whether I was actually right about my expectations from it or not.(click here for the haul in which I got this)

Honestly, I don’t know in which category to classify this. I didn’t find it moisturizing enough to be a lip balm, not glossy enough to be called a gloss or to be a lipstick as its pretty sheer. What Loreal has tried to do is have all 3 in 1 that is balm,gloss and lipstick and made a rouge caress.

I got the shade Dating Coral which is a coral pink shade, perfect for the summer. Colour pay off is sheer and I need atleast 2-3 swipes to remotely get the colour on my lips. Formulation and feel is light and balmy on the lips but they are not very nourishing where your lips would stay moisturized.


Texture wise it’s a mix between glossy and a cream lipstick. As it is sheer any dry patches On your lips would be emphasized, so exfoliate before applying it. Also the lasting power is average between 3-4 hours without eating or drinking. It does transfer and if you are eating and drinking you would need to reapply.


The packaging is a cute silver body encasement with a transparent cap. I love the detailing of Loreal’s name in the centre where the cap clicks shut on to the lipstick bullet body. Overall, I love the packaging and it’s safe to carry in your handbag without the worry of it opening up.

For the summer, Loreal Rouge Caresses are perfect as an alternative to your matte or cream lipsticks. In this sweltering heat sometimes you just want to skip lipsticks all together and I think this is perfect for a simple wash of colour on your lips. This would be perfect for the beach, just to have a little bit of colour and yet go for that no makeup look.


Honestly, I don’t think this is a must have and you could do without it. But for anyone who loves sheer colours, Loreal has loads of colour to choose from.




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