Refreshing Peanut snack

Summers the heat is up, it’s hot and all you want to do is just snack down with something refreshing to eat.

A simple Peanut snack is exactly that which is completely organic and Home made and so simple to prepare. Plus there is no oil involved at all. Read on to know how to prepare this snack.

For this snack you are going to need the following:

  • 100 grams raw peanuts with their skin on
  • Diced Medium size Tomato
  • Diced 1/2 cucumber without the seeds
  • Diced 1/2 small red onion
  • 1-2 finely chopped green/red chili, make sure to de-seed them
  • Fresh organic yogurt
  • Chopped Cilantro/Fresh coriander
  • Tamarind chutney or Lemon
  • Salt as per taste or 1/4 teaspoon
  • 200 ml of water

(All my ingredients are fresh & organic from the farmers market) 

First of all start by washing the peanuts in water and then let them soak overnight in water(200 ml) or till it covers the peanuts. You don’t need it to refrigerate this and can just leave this covered overnight on your kitchen counter.

Once it has soaked overnight, just tumble this into a pressure cooker or a pot making sure that your peanuts are covered in water. Add salt and boil the peanuts until they are soft. if needed add more water making sure there is enough water to thoroughly cook the peanuts

Now when you do this in a pressure cooker it is faster but if you are doing this in a pot you need to simmer this covered for approximately 45mins to and hour.

The test to check at the end of your cooking time would be to see if the peanut can be pressed between your fingers or just pop a cooled down peanut in your mouth and see if it has lost its crunch. That is when you know it has cooked properly. And don’t worry we are adding other ingredients to add the texture and crunch to the finished dish.

Once the peanuts have cooked, let it cool down to room temperature. You can now either use this at room temperature or cold. Now just take a desired portion in a serving bowl and don’t throw away any of the water in which it is cooked, use some of the water in the dish to keep it moist; add 4-5 dollops of yogurt, the diced tomatoes, onion, cucumber, chili, chopped coriander (if you can’t get coriander then put in cilantro) and squeeze in 1/4 spoon of lemon juice or tamarind chutney which is spiced and completely different from tamarind paste.

And there you have it a quick and easy snack ready for anytime. It’s perfect for a hot summer day and is very refreshing. And the best part is you can work with 1 or all of the condiments listed to have what you like in it.

As you can see in mine, it only has yogurt, tomatoes, and a little bit of tamarind chutney with black pepper. (I was simply being lazy and didn’t want to chop the other condiments, so I just pulled the peanuts from the fridge and added yogurt which is a must with tamarind chutney or add lemon which is another must ingredient and add chili with lemon, don’t leave it out, you need a little bit of heat to pick the dish out and balance the lemon) and tomatoes and voila, I had a healthy quick snack available.


So I hope you all like my Refreshing Peanut snack and do try it out.




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