Liebster Award


A Big Thank you to Preethi from senoritablog for nominating me for the Liebster Award. It is truly nice to be appreciated by your fellow blogger and gives you so much motivation to keep on writing.

The Liebster award is given to bloggers with less than 200 followers; a simple way of getting to know each other by introducing each other such blogs. In all honestly, I don’t have 200 followers but I really appreciate all of my current followers who take the time to visit and read my posts and like and/or comment . A Big ‘Thank you’ to all of them, and to the visitors who do the same.

Now coming to the next part of the Liebster award is that I need to post my answers to their questions. So here goes my answer to Preethi’s questions:

  • What made you to start a blog?

The simple need to write and share my views and thoughts. Also, as I do love beauty products, I though why not also write about them.

  • The reason behind your blog name?

Just a name to reflect the on goings in my world, hence namratasrealmblog.

  • What are your essential beauty products?

Some foundation/bb cream, compact, eyeliner and lipstick

  • Books or movies?


  • Name any one beauty product that you have repurchased many times.


  • What do you like about blogging?

I love to have my small writing space to pen down my thoughts and have like-minded people enjoy them as well as to be read such different views and broaden my horizon.

  • Your favorite celebrity?

For the love god, when I read this question, I couldn’t but immediately think of the old Hollywood star “Humphery Bogart”.

  • Lipsticks or Lip-glosses?


  • Who is your all time favorite blogger?

Tanya Burr

  • Your favorite movie/fictional character?

Movie-Bruce Almighty

And there you have it, all my answers and next are my nominees:

  1. The BeautyandFoodlab
  2. Five feet Five 
  3. The Regal Diaries
  4. The She Things
  5. Cyndiadissa

My Question to these nominees should they accept the Liebster award are as follows:

  1. What made you to start a blog?
  2. The reason behind your blog name?
  3. Books or movies?
  4. Your favorite celebrity?
  5. Given the choice, what holiday would you prefer – city break, beach break or adventure holiday?
  6. What’s your favourite book?
  7. If you were to invite five celebrities to your home for dinner, who would they be
  8. What is your favourite quote?
  9. What is your favourite food?
  10. If stranded on an island, what will be the 5 items you would like to have with you?
  11. What would be the topmost thing in your Bucket list that you would like to do.

And that completes the Liebster award nominees and their questionnaires. Hope you all enjoyed this post. Keep smiling.





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