Just Blush a little – Revlon Haute Pink

He looked, my heart beated faster,

He smiled, and I felt this warmth creeping up my cheeks and I blushed. My cheeks were now a blushed pink, making him stare even more.

Revlon blush2

(And here comes the reality check) But if only these cheeks could keep that blushed pink look like always, but in reality we have to rely on makeup at times to cheat and have the prefect blush.

Revlon blush3

Revlon Haute Pink blush, the perfect pink as per me to get that blushed look anytime. This little beauty, I found online and was pretty hesitant to order as it did say ‘Haute Pink’ and I didn’t want a bright pink blush which give me clown cheeks.

Revlon blush4

Revlon blush12

But honestly the colour is not too bright, rather It’s perfect to give you a flush of colour. It would suit well for skin tones from fair to medium, but dusky ladies might want check other shades. It’s luckily not too blue based so that warm tones like can me wear it easily.

Revlon blush5

Revlon blush13

Revlon Haute Pink comes in this cute sleek black plastic packaging which dose’nt look cheap. It’s pretty sturdy and I actually love the  black packaging which gives it a little extra finesse as per me.

Revlon blush6

The really good part is that you have a clear window through which you can see the colour and a small mirror on the inside which is a nice touch and good enough size for touch ups.

Revlon blush7

There is also this small soft brush inside which I have actually used and found it not too bad to apply or touch up when I’m out. Of course, I wouldn’t depend on the little brush too much but considering it has soft bristles rather than prickly ones, is a good start. Overall, I think it’s just one of those well though out packaging which you can’t fault much.

Revlon blush9

Revlon blush14

Wear time has been pretty decent on me lasting up to 5 hours before it starts wearing off evenly.  The formulation is pretty soft with a little bit of fallout but it is nowhere powdery. I love using this with my Real techniques duo fibre face brush and a single swipe gives me the perfect pink cheeks.

Revlon blush10

Revlon blush11

Honestly, as this is my pretty much go to blush in a hurry or when I’m confused, and I recommend it to everybody.




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