Coloressence supreme eyeliner Duke Blue

Coloressence Supreme Eyeliner Duke Blue

I almost thought I got a really good eyeliner at a budget price and was so happy with getting it. ( Click here for the haul in which I got this) But all my happiness was short-lived when my eyeliner kind of separated.

The Coloressence eyeliner in Duke Blue promised to be a versatile blue colour with water-resistant formulae, but it turned out to be a nightmare. I have never seen pigments separate from the eyeliner and you end up having a clear liquid with particles of blue in them.



Now I did open this up about 2 months ago and swatched it then. It later went to the back of my collection, till I decided to test it out and  review it.


To my dismay, when I pulled it out I found the pigments kind of separated from the liquid formulae and you had this kind of random pigments if you even swatched them. And no matter how much I shook the formulae in the bottle, the pigments and liquid stayed separated.


So I think I would be Junking it, as I’m just nervous of even trying to make it work on my eyes now that the formulae has split completely.






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