The quaint little Tea shop

Finally I think we spotted the perfect Tea shop which my husband and I can call our Tea spot.

in the by lanes of our locality we chanced upon this quirky looking Tea shop by the name of 11 Chaa (Tea) Street. Passing by the decor from the outside looked something very different from the more commercialised coffee/tea cafes.

It had a unique sense of itself and even more from the inside. A small getaway from the hustle bustle it really did transport you to a calm serene sense of self.

Tea shop1

Tea shop2

What was more fun was that they were serving very unique blends of tea and accompaniments to go with it. From cold to hot, herbals, green teas, black teas, teas with your milk…

I loved the variety in offer and settled for a Hot Herbal Green Tea which was served with a good portion of honey on the side. And omg that was the most scrumptious tea I have ever had. So light aromatic and refreshing.

Tea shop3

With the decor so calm, where you could while away time with the many books they have to read, you are just in bliss. And yes, I’m waiting for the weekend so that my husband and I can go down there again.

Tea shop4


Tea shop5


Tea shop6

11 Chaa Street – Eros Mall, Indirapuram.




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