Makeup Revoultion Girl Panic

Don’t panic, I got your back with Girl panic palette. When I saw this online, I fell in love with the colours and ordered it immediately.

Warning: Image heavy post

Girl Panic2


Girl panic3


Girl panic4

The colours are so versatile and mostly pink based which is so appealing. I don’t know what is with pink and us gals, we just love it.

In total you have 6 matte and 12 shimmers to work out your looks. The colour pay off is pretty good, except for 1 or 2 which I thought you really need to rub into to get the colour.

Girl panic5

Girl panic6

Girl panic7

Girl panic8

Texture wise they are smooth and easy to blend; They make a great addition to your collection. I honestly didn’t want to use it for the longest of time as I just loved looking at the virgin colours.

Girl panic9

Girl panic10


Girl panic11


Girl panic12


Girl panic13

As you can see from the swatches, Goin Nowehere was a little hard to work with and On the opposite Demolition was super pigmented and you just need very little to work with.

Girl Panic14


Girl panic15


Girl panic16


Girl panic17


Sometimes pictures speak more than words. 🙂





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