Trending on You Tube

Like any other person obsessed with Beauty, I do watch a lot of beauty you tubers broadcasting tutorials, hauls and what not.

But the funny and latest obsessions Which keeps popping up in the recommended list without me even searching for them is just hilarious.

The trending Beauty You tube videos are currently 100 coats of anything makeup, whether it is foundation, mascara , lipstick, nail polishes, you name it and some one has done it.

I do understand curiosity, but this by far is the craziest trend ever, where women have willingly put on 100 coats of makeup items all in the name of trend, viewership, subscribers. Hats off to them for doing so, and what a nightmare it must be to finally remove so much of layered makeup.

But honestly, I just think it’s really too crazy to do such a thing and my question is a simple ‘WHY’.

Moving on the next trending thing I have found are numerous tutorials on how to apply liquid lipstick making it seem as if there is a rocket science theory behind it.

Now helpful for completely newbie but the amount of techniques will scare them off thinking this is just like rocket science and I really need to study hard before applying my liquid lipstick.

For God sake, it’s just lipstick in liquid form and just a little care and liner gives you the perfect colour on your lips. But no we have to make a science out of it.

Enough said, and thanks for Reading.

Keep smiling




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