Regret Purchases – Makeup Brushes

I really usually don’t like hating products I get. And yet I have 2 makeup brushes which I just can’t get past cause they are a total disaster.

The first one is Kent’s Crease brush; I was so excited to get this especially as Kent is a UK brand, I was totally expecting great quality, but I wa so disappointed with the reality and performance of this brush.

Regret purchases2

This crease brush has the most harsh and prickly bristles that any brush can ever have. Whenever I have tried using it, I felt that my eye skin is being scrapped off. It is just such a poor quality from such a good brand. It does not blend well, just very harsh for your eyes and a complete waste of a product and money.

I don’t know how it was even launched to the public as it just feels like a razor on your eyes. So disappointed and now I’m trying to find alternative use for it so that I can salvage some use out of it. If you all can suggest something, please let me know or I would have to just junk it soon.

Regret purchases3

Next ofcourse was based on the trend of the makeup toothbrush, and everyone going that it was great. So I found a dupe of the artis brushes on eBay and ordered my very own foundation toothbrush. Now, considering I did buy it in eBay, I knew it had a 50-50 chance of performing and turning out to be a great brush.

Regret purchases4

But, no I was wrong yet again and this brush though so soft, does not blend, does not evenly spread your foundation and if you do manage to get some foundation on it and try to just retouch or apply a 2nd layer, it will move whatever you have applied before.

Regret purchases5

So, now I have a very firm soft brush but just dosent do what I purchased it for. I have found an alternative use for it and sometimes use it to scrub my face wash into my face with this. But I don’t use it very often as I have sensitive skin and a use of this brush on everyday basis just aggravates my skin. Let’s see, if I can get some use out of it or would be junking this as well.

Regret purchases6

Does anyone else have such regret purchase; would love to hear about them.




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