Loreal Color Riche Moist Matte lipsticks

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When these were launched, I was really taken in by the rose gold packaging, giving the entire feel of a high end luxury. The Loreal Moist Matte Range not only superseded in the packaging but in the lipstick itself.

The most infamous colours out of these was Lincoln Rose, which Aishwarya Rai wore in the Cannes Festival. That’s what spun off my entire interest in these and I got so obsessed with getting the exact colour.

Loreal Matte lipstick 2
Background courtesy on my 2.5 yr old 🙂

And when I finally did get my hand on Lincoln Rose, and tried it out, I became a die hard fan of this range and couldn’t wait to get my hands on other colours.

The Moist Matte Range was launched by Loreal as part of the Cannes collection and their unique formulation made these the most comfortable matte lipstick I had every tried.

The packaging as already said is a rose gold packaging with Loreal emblem on top of the caps. There is also a small colour window on the capsule, making it easy for you to spot the colour you want.The finish of these lipsticks is matte with a very comfortable and smooth formulation.

Loreal Matte lipstick 4

These lipsticks in no way tug on your lips but comfortably glide on. The shades are pretty opaque and with 2-3 swipes your lips are covered.

They in no way dry my lips but I always make sure to apply lip balm before any matte lipstick. Even after hours of wearing these lipsticks, they don’t feel drying or uncomfortable.

Loreal Matte lipstick 3

There is very minimal transfer when eating or drinking and if they do fade, it happens evenly leaving a heavy stain on your lips (I’m referring to the darker shades of course)

I have worn these comfortably for 5-6 hours with minimal fading, which makes them great when you need your lipsticks to last long. A small touch up and these will last you the entire day.

Loreal Matte lipstick 5

I have really collected my favourite shades from this range and here they are:

  • Lincoln Rose: A beautiful blue based red shade made infamous by Aishwarya Rai wearing it in the Cannes Festival. Loreal Lincoln rose
  • Raspberry Syrup: A bright pink shade with more of red undertones, looks beautiful on the lips. Loreal Raspberry Syrup
  • Arabian Night: A plum-wine colour shade, rich and perfect for nights out or colder months. Loreal Arabian Night
  • Sheer plum: As the name suggests, a plum shade, love it. Loreal Sheer Plum
  • Maple Mocha: A warm soft caramel shade, perfect for a subtle colour on your lips; an everyday colour. Loreal Maple Mocha
  • Flaming kiss: A red lipstick with orange undertones, for me this unique as I have just got into orange based lipsticks. Loreal Flaming kiss

Whichever colour you choose, you sure will not be disappointed with this range.

Loreal moist matte shades




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