Biotique Bio Coconut Whitening & Brightening Cream

I was so thankful to get my hands on this lovely gem of a cream. It literally transformed my skin making it soft, even toned and supple.

If you follow my blog, I had suffered the consequences of using Lotus Herbal Youth Rx Anti Aging Transforming & Night Creme which actually tanned my skin along with making it dry. I was devastated and was in the look out for something to restore it. (Although the Lotus Youth Rx was being loved by many women, on my skin it just had adverse effects; with moisturisers you never know what suits you until you try it out)

Biotique 2

That’s where Biotique came in. I spotted this at a local pharmacy and picked it up after talking to the pharmacist. Within a week my skin lost the un-natural tan, became soft and started to glow. And all this was in the dead of a full-blown winter.

Biotique 3

Biotique 4

It was perfect giving back moisture to my skin in the cold winter. I had found my winter cream and was in totally love with it. My skin and my confidence saved and restored. This un-assuming cream with the most simplest packaging would fool anybody.

But considering this is by Biotique and aged old company dealing in Ayurvedic and uses 100% botanical extracts, organically pure & preservatives free, this was bound to be a good product.

Biotique 5

Biotique 6

The packaging is a simple tub with a green lid and an inner flap cover. Practical as this is a bit thick cream than your average commercially made ones.

Most may not like the open tub but I prefer it and find it convenient to use. As this is a thick cream, it’s perfect for winters and especially for dry skinned ladies, though not so thick as your traditional Nivea cream. And despite being a little thick, it’s so smooth, light and quickly absorbs into your skin.

Biotique 7

Biotique 8

I used it religiously during winters and was quite impressed by it but In summer, I find it heavy for day use as you already sweating from the heat and only use a very thin layer of it as my night cream. And when the morning comes, my skin feels supple and soft with all the weariness of the day cleared up.

Biotique 9

Biotique 10

The smell is herbal and not to overpowering or over lingering. So sensitive skin don’t have to worry about irritation from the perfumes in the cream. Oily skinned gals should skip this cream as it would only add to their woes, though it does say that it is for all skin types. Normal – Dry skin, do give it a try as you won’t regret it.

Biotique 11

It’s available online and in local markets for Rs 199 for 50gms. 




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