Biotique Bio Sandalwood UVA/UVB Sunscreen

On my very happy experience with the Bio Coconut cream from Biotique, I went ahead with the purchase of my Bio Sandalwood UVA/UVB sunscreen with SPF 50+. Summer is really brutal in India, and especially Delhi when the initial months you have this dry summer heat with temp reaching up to 47C degree.

I’m very sensitive to some of the contents in sunscreens/sunblocks, and hence decided to go the Ayurvedic way and get the Bio Sandalwood  Sunscreen.

Sandalwood 1

However, I was disappointed with the overall product and formulation of the Bio Sandalwood. After such a good experience with the Bio coconut cream( I’m on my 2nd tub), I felt quite let down by the sunscreen.

Sandalwood 2

The packaging is practicall and I really can’t fault much with it, but the formulation of the product is what lets you down. Firstly, although I love the smell of Sandalwood, I just found the smell in this Sunscreen quite overbearing. It takes a good 30 mins before it dissipates even after application.

Sandalwood 3

Next the formulation although quickly absorbs in the skin, it still felt as if I had a layer of the sunscreen on. And then there was the part that it made my skin sweaty and greasy within 10 mins of the application which I didn’t expect.

Sandalwood 4

I have never felt my skin so sweaty until I applied this sunscreen. Thankfully it is water resistant or I would have sweated the sunscreen away. Ok not a pretty thing, I know 😟

Sandalwood 5

In the end this is also my Regret purchases and for Rs 350 a loss. I’m hoping to pass this to my mum and see if it suits her or will be simply junking it.

Sandalwood 6
A small amount is more than enough for the entire face

So for all the cons listed, let me just summarise the pros’s for those who are really into Ayurvedic products and would like to give it a try. That’s what happens with skin care, you just need to find what works for you by testing it out and what works for me may not work for someone else.


  • Sunscreen has 100% Botinical extracts
  • Covers UVA/UVB spectrum
  • Has Spf of 50+ which is great for Indian summers
  • Claims to be highly water resistant

I personally don’t recommend this sunscreen but if you have really dry skin, this would be great and would definitely moisturise and protect your skin. Normal – oily skin gals stay away from this product.




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