Apollo Pharmacy Deep Nourishing Moisturizer

Ok it took me writing this post to actually notice that what I have been using as a hand cream is actually not a hand cream but a moisturizer. I mean what is with me, I think I just have been day dreaming away that I didn’t even notice this.

Sigh, any ways let me introduce to my blunder of what I thought was a hand cream is but a Deep Nourishing Moisturizer by Apollo Pharmacy. I have had this tube for quite a while now and have been using this as hand cream cause that was what I was looking for when I bought this.


The Moisturizer comes in a simple white tube and can you believe it only cost Rs 50 for 100ml making it very budget friendly. And that is where to good part of it stops.


This Moisturizer is not so fast absorbing even though the consistency is thin and yet not runny. It always seems there is this layer which sits on top of my hands, and even after 10 mins if I wash my hands I can feel the creaminess of the Moisturizer washing off.


But hey post washing my hands, they do feel soft and easy; And if I don’t, Everything I touch feels sticky which is not a good feeling. Honestly, now that winter is settling in, it does feel a little better absorbing into the skin but it still has that stickiness which you need to get rid off by washing your hands.


Overall, it’s an average product as a hand cream, and I’m now thinking of using it as an overnight foot cream just to see how it performs and not to waste it.


Price point & Availability: Rs 50 available at any Apollo Pharmacy branch

My Rating:1/5


  • Decent spill proof packaging.
  • Very budget friendly.
  • Pleasant smell which does not linger too long.
  • Light consistency.
  • Enriched with Vitamin E, olive oil and aloe vera.


  • Not quick absorbing.
  • Leaves sticky hands.
  • Average level of Moisturizing.
  • Leaves this funny invisible residue of your hands.
  • Hands feel tacky after applying the cream.




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