Blogging Rant

Ok, so today is a generic rant about blogging and why I go missing sometimes and am not regular with posts.

Now, let me start by clarifying that my blog is a pure hobby based and I do it for the fun of it. So of course there are times I go missing as I get busy with in general, life and there are things that happen around that just keep you away from blogging for e.g. This time around I just got busy with Diwali preparations, or I’m just not inspired to write and don’t want to post just for the sake of it.

Blogging when it got started, was where individuals could share their thoughts, opinions and creativity. But with blogging becoming a source of income, blogs have taken a different professionalism all together. Bloggers now have teams, who maintain the content of the blogs from writers, photographer, editors, P.R. And what not.

Now, coming back to me, I don’t have anyone who write or take photos for me. I don’t have a team behind my blog and all that you see are my individual efforts. Even, many Instagram pics are  Not professionally taken, and hence it easy for such blogs to have regular posts on their blogs/pics on Instagram.

So there are going to be gaps in my blog and it takes a lot of efforts by any blogger who writes and posts pics along with them; and all I can say at the end is thank you for reading but in reality there might be gaps and I might not post regularly but I truly appreciate your follows, likes and comments.

At the endWishing you all a Late Happy Diwali”




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