Junk it – Assorted Makeup 

Life is just in a stuck mode and with the demonetisation of 500Rs & 1000Rs notes, things have taken a whole new perspective in India.

And with that I am posting this late, even though I had junked these makeup items a week back.

I call this purge as my post Diwali detox by going through my makeup and rechecking what items had expired and junked them.

So here is my detox junk it list

  1. Revlon Photoready foundation- This was just old and the wrong shade, so I decided to let it go. Beside, it oxidised like crazy on me and the light shade almost came close to match my skin by oxidising.
  2. Lip shades – 2 of Maybelline, 2 of Sporty U.K. Brand, 3 street wear lip glosses. A marks and Spencer’s lip palette. These all have gone bad and smell funny. I have used most of these up so happy that it isn’t a big loss.
  3. 2 New U glitter nail polishes which have just dried up and were in reality a pain to remove.
  4. An old Max factor sample blush which I completely forgot I had. I loved the colour but as this is very old, I junked it.
  5. Different cardboard boxes of makeup which I thought of keeping for future post pics of the products if I review them but my lil one wants to play with them. So who can say no to those toddler eyes.
  6. 2 Miss Claire eye shadows which don’t adhere to my lids even if I apply them wet. I guess I just got the wrong formula with these 2 as the other ones I have are just great.

And no will not be repurchasing any of them.




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