The Eyeshadow Experiment

How does one start an experiment. Simple, with an idea of what to do with a hated eyeshadow and the fascination with a duo chrome eyeshadow and voila a light bulb switched on in your brain.

Welcome, to the eyeshadow experiment where I your trullys will try and make an eyeshadow with a duo chrome effect or something like that if successful or just end with a load of muddy eyeshadow. Now, what I initially have is this brown colour from the Chambors eyeshadow trio palette which is absolutely useless for Asian medium skin tone.


I mean all the shadows look the same on my eyelids and none define the colour that they are supposed to be. So you see the brown colour does not look brown and just a white kind of sheen on my eyes. And no matter what I tried, it just did not work for me and I simply ended up being frustrated and hating it even more.


So you see when I started with the eyeshadow experiment, it was very satisfying to dig my toothpick in the shadow. Now, before I keep rambling, let’s just get to it.

  • Now, what I took was my hated eyeshadow (2gms) and combined it with the following in a sterilised glass bowl. The candidates have been selected as they have not been used by me for quite soemetime and are simply lying in my boudoir.
  • 2 gms of Miss Claire eyeshadow (shade no 0752) which is a khaki dirty green with minute gold flexes.
  • 1.4 gms of Revlon shadowlinks in the shade of Java
  • About .75 gms (rough approximate shade no 0151) of Miss Claire pink eyeshadow
  • About .75 gms (rough approximate shade no 0433) of Miss Claire light blue eyeshadowTEE4

I mixed all of these with the back of an eyeshadow brush and then added some hand sanitizer to bind them and repotted them in the empty containers.


And honestly I think the net result was not bad, it isn’t great but I kind of am liking it. But the final verdict shall come at some point later when I have tried it out. Right now all I can say it is cool toned brown with khaki green reflex. (OK, I don’t see them, let’s see or heck atleast it got pigmentation finally)




I’m so feeling like the creator of Frankenstein right now.




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