Tiny Haul

Hi Everyone

After a very long time, I shopped but only for essential items as I’m trying to use the most of what I have. Well, that it the attempt but the temptations with so many new launches is great. Let’s hope I can survive a little bit longer (although I did buy a lipstick a while ago,  I guess a little cheating is allowed 😉😎)

So without any more delays, let’s just get started with the haul.

Tiny haul2

  • Brush holders: The pastel pink and blue holders are actually pencil/pen holders which I’m using as my makeup brush holders. I love the colours and they are budget friendly on the pocket.
  • Loreal Hydrafresh Supreme Emulsion: I have loved the Hydrafresh essence from Loreal in the past so when I spotted the supreme emulsion, I picked it up as it promises to give maximum moisturization without the feeling of heaviness. So far love the white gel consistency which is so light and hydrating and perfect for winter. Supreme emulsion
  • Loreal Hydrafresh Night mask in Jelly: I love this pink jelly as a night moisturizer. I’m just fascinated by the jelly texture and that too pink so what’s not to love, But yes a great hydrating sleep in masque which gets absorbed quickly and gives you soft skin in the morning.Jelly in mask
  • Maybelline Color Show nail polish in N**e skin: I had been eyeing this shade forever and finally got it. Love the bare skin colour especially as it compliments my yellow skin tone perfectly. Something worth trying out.
  • Neutrogena Lip balm with Spf 15: Quite self explanatory, needed one as I ran out of mine and decided to use Neutrogena as I have never used it before. It’s pretty good, and has really helped my lips this winter.

And with that I bid you adieu till the next post.




14 thoughts on “Tiny Haul

  1. Maitreyi

    wow your brush holders look so pretty even though they are originally used as pen holders.. we can think of many uses right hehe
    that nail paint color is soooo gorgeous.. 🙂 ❤

    Liked by 1 person

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