Junk it – CC cream & Glow cream

As we get ready to usher in the New Year in a weeks time, a glance on my makeup to decide my favourites and to sieve through my expired makeup is a must. I know have done quiet few junk it, this year, but it feels good to get rid of your old products which are unnecessarily lying in my collection. (Sorry, the pics are not that clear, was just having a horrible time in getting them right with the sunlight coming and going)

Junk it

So this time, I have the following:

  • Lakme CC cream: I actually bought this much after the hype of it and honestly it’s an ok product for me. It was just heavy in comparison to my BB cream and didn’t last long on me. I bought 2 shades to mix and match my skin tone as I was in between both the shades. Any ways, both are expiring on 1st of Jan, and a good time to Junk them. Repurchase, I don’t think so, lots more CC’s and BB creams available to try out.
  • Lakme Insta glow cream: Now this cream I only use in summer as it mattifies and  provides a sheer glow. It actually did quite a decent job from keeping my base makeup from melting off. But as this expires like the CC cream in Jan, I’m Junking it. I may repurchase a smaller tube of this for the summer.





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