Junk it – Face products

Hi Everyone

Its been long since I wrote a post, but neither being ill has been fun. And yet as I still await a clean bill of health, I find myself to write about things which are now being junked from collection.

This time around, I have 3 face products, so let’s get started.

  • Street Wear Color Rich Perfection foundation: Regular readers would know that I’m quite found of this foundation and did a review which you can read here. The reason this is being junked is as it has expired and I don’t want to use an expired foundation on my face. There is only a quarter of it left, so I have used it almost up. Now, the question whether I will repurchase it? In honesty, I think I have had my fill of this foundation and want to try out other bases, so No for repurchase.

Face Makeup declutter2

  • Loreal True match BB cream: I have had this for an over a year and have never reviewed it as I just didn’t feel there was anything to write about it and was just un-inspired by it. This has now expired and I’m hence junking it. I didn’t realize it had expired and was still using it till a massive zit appeared on my cheek all courtesy of using an unexpired cream product. Sigh. Repurchase is a No, I really wasn’t found of it and it gives a white cast if you use too much.

Face makeup declutter3

  • Revlon Colorstay Concelaer: This was a most hyped Concelaer which made me purchase it. But for me, it just didn’t work, it creased, had minimal coverage and just was an ok product. I’m junking it, as it has started smelling funny and I believe it has expired. I can’t find the expiration date on this but going by the smell, it definitely has. Again never wrote about it, as was just uninspired by it. Repurchase is a No and I’m already using a replacement for it which is so much better.

Face makeup declutter4

So that’s my face products being Junked. As I do need to buy a new BB cream, I’m hoping you all might suggest something new for me to try out.

Till the next




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