High end Haul

Hi Everyone

As the year has started and a month has already gone, I decided to finally venture and buy 2 M.A.C products that I had been wanting for ages. I haven’t bought an high end product for almost 5-6 years, and thought that lets start with a very tiny high end haul.

So without much delay here are my M.A.C products, the 1st being  M.A.C Minieralize Skinfinish in Soft and Gentle, a gorgeous champagne highlighter. Love it to the core and I haven’t touched it yet as l love the newness of it.( I hope you get what I mean)

MAC haul2

The next is M.A.C. Viva Glam lipstick in Viva glam 1, which is a beautiful brownish blue based red which would suit a lot of skin tones. Waiting for the perfect occasion to try it out.

Needless to say as both of these are cult products I may not do a review as the net is full of them but might do something different.

MAC haul3

I would love to hear if you all have bought any new makeup. Send me a pic, love to always see what others haul. Till next time, keep smiling.




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