Apollo Pharmacy Foot Care Cream

Winter is harsh for one’s skin from head to bottom. While we may take care of our overall skin, what we mostly do is neglect are our feet. And in this quest I have ended up using quite a few foot creams but what has stuck with me and regularly being used is the Apollo pharmacy foot cream retailing for Rs50 for a quantity of 25gms.

Now, what I mostly needed the cream was for dry feet and can only review about that. The cream also claims to heal cracked and damaged feet which as I have not experienced it, can’t really comment about it.

The foot cream comes in a standard tube packaging with natural ingridents to heal and soften your feet. I do like that it is so small, that it can be easily carried about if required.

The formulation of the cream is smooth and easily absorbs into your feet without leaving any greasy feeling. This cream has helped me with my dry winter feet with a regular home pedicure. And by far I’m impressed.

It does have an Ayurvedic kind of smell, but nothing to overbearing or obnoxious to your senses. After a few minutes of wear time, the smell dissipates and all you have are well moisturised feet.

If you see the quantity, that is all I need for my dry feet. You may need more in case your feet are more damaged. The pharmacist also informed me when I intially purchased this, that it would also help individuals with pain related to their damaged feet.

Considering, this is my 3rd tube and has been a blessing to my dry winter feet, I do recommend this to be tried out. If it helps dry feet it may even help others with damaged feet.




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