Khichdi oats (indian stewed style oats)

Ok, so out of sheer laziness and boredom from the same old regular indian meals, I actually came up with this recipe. One, night I was just exhausted, and after putting my overcharged 3-year-old to bed, I started rummaging through the fridge to make some dinner for myself.

The options were many but I just didn’t want to put in too much effort and decided to try and make oats khichdi sans Ghee( I.e. Indian clarified butter). The result was surprisingly good and a pleasure to your taste buds.

Now for all who are confused what khichdi is; it’s a simple one pot meal of rice lentils with spices,some times with veggies cooked together and kept a little wet like a risotto or stewed rice. This is made in India for some one who is ill or just as a light meal when you are trying to kind of detox your system. It’s the equivalent of a chicken soup served to someone who is ill.

After that explanation and no more further delays, let’s just get into the recipe:

1.5 small bowl of oats
2-3 tbsp of sunflower oil ( or any oil that you use)
Small chopped red onions
5-6 curry leaves
5-6 finely chopped garlic
1 small chopped tomato
1/4 tsp mustard seeds
Pinch of Asafoetida ( really smelly stuff for non Indians, but good in taste and helps digestion)
1/2 tsp red pepper powder
2 tsp corrainder powder
1/4 tsp turmeric powder
Salt as required
2 cups of water

In a sauce pan, heat up the oil and add the mustard seeds. Once, the mustard seeds begin to crakle add the  Asafoetida. Next add in the curry leaves, onions and cook them for 2-3 mins. Once, they become slight translucent, add the garlic and cook these in the oil for another 2-3 mins till they all soften and the onions have a slight colour to them.

Now as, the onions begin to colour add in the red pepper powder, turmeric powder, corrainder powder and salt as required and cook them for another 2 mins  if you think, the spices are burning, just add in 1 tbsp of water and keep cooking) until you see oil separating from them. Add the tomatoes and slightly cook them so that they soften in the spices but are not totally smashed.

Next add the water and bring it to a boil and add the oats. If required add in more water and cook out the oats. Now, as this being cooked khichdi style, keep the consistency a little wet. It only takes another 3 mins to cook out the oats.

And there you have it, khichdi style oats ready for your cravings and oh so healthy too. Hope you all enjoyed this post. Till the next time, keep smiling.




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