A Fishy Sunday affair

Yawn, as I stretched lazily on the sofa sipping my Tea (yes, we Indians are 99.9% Tea drinkers), I began reminiscing of my days back in Pune. Days when I had the best fish cuts available to turn them into delectable scrumptious curries and fries which went so well with your basic Rice or Chappati(Indian bread)

Sigh, I miss my Surmai fry,Bombil fry,Pomfret fry ( fish in Indian names and fry meaning shallow fried fish) which accompanied with a fish or prawn curry just could put you in heaven. And in this dreamy state, I declared to my husband that I wanted some fish to cook up a Sunday luncheon to fill our belly and please our souls.

Now, initially he was reluctant as in Delhi, it’s pretty hard to get good Fresh Sea fish as we are so far inland from the sea. So I began enticing him by describing that I would make fish fry with the fish being marinated in Indian spices and shallow fried to perfection with the fish being crispy from the outside and soft from inside; And not to mention the curry I would make with coconut cream which would be spicy and yet mellow enough to ease and balance out the palate. And in a few minutes, I had him seduced over the idea, and he agreed to source me some Sea fish from a market he knew which would have them.

As my husband left to get my most warranted request, I began preparations at home chopping onions, and selecting my spices which would go into my curry and fry. Ecstatic that I would be getting to eat Sea fish after almost 2 years, I even skipped breakfast with the naughtiness of being filled in with a sumptuous rich meal.

And, soon the time arrived when the most sought after prized guest of honour arrived home. ‘Wait a minute what is that stink?’. A fish shouldn’t smell fishy I thought and started opening up the wrapping in which the fish arrived. ‘There it is again, what is going on. Maybe I just need to wash it properly’, so I thought. And proceeded to thoroughly wash the fish.

Of Course I was delusioned, and even marinated the fish after washing of the stink even though at the bottom of my heart I knew something was fishy. And as soon as the fish hit the oil and the wonderful aroma the house was graced with was enough to faint a herd of wild Buffaloes.

It stinked, it stinked like no one business and I soon realised that my beloved dead fish had died even further and was just stinky bad fish. Heart broken, I wailed to my husband and all the dreams of a hearty fish luncheon spoofed away in those dreamy clouds from where they came from.

So here, we stood late in the afternoon looking at our bad fish, with no lunch and a half made curry which I had started a little while after marinating the fish. And this is how my fish affair ended with the arrival of an unfortunate rotten fish. Sigh, we would have been good together I thought, as I wrapped it up in paper and garbage bag to dispose it off.

So much for fish dreams, which I have now promised myself never to have again or even if I dream of them to swiftly replace them with meat or poultry which are much better and safer choices for the region of India that I’m in.

Oh, we did not go hungry, but I ended up whipping an egg curry which I so want to tell you about, but that is a different story post all together.




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