Junk It – kohl pencil

In today’s Junk it series, I feature my Loreal Paris Color Riche Kohl pencil which has to finally retire.
I bought this pencil around 2 years back if I remember correctly and have been using it religiously to draw thin line on my upper lash line for a natural look.

But recently this has been causing itchiness on my eyelids and I soon realised that it has expired and needs to go. I have used up quite a lot of it and was trying to finish it off, but with the recent itchiness situation, it has to go.

Loreal kohl 1

Overall, it is an average pencil, which is not the blackest black but performs decently on your eyelids. No, I’m not repurchasing it, as I’m trying to use up what I have in my vanity rather than repurchasing or purchasing another brand kohl pencil.

And with that a goodbye to a faithful and most used product.



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