Vacation Makeup kit 

Hi Everyone

It’s been a long time since I last posted. Just needed a break and now that I’m vacationing at my Moms place, it has bought back my enthusiasm to write again. So here I am with a post on “What Makeup I carried on my Vacation”

Now, to begin, I have modestly carried a few products rather than heavy load of products which would unnecessary take up space and not get utilised either. So here goes:

(Note: I have described the products as they appear in each pic)

What makeup to carry for a vacation- Face


Base: My base for the past few months has been ‘The Maybelline Fit Me Shine Free Foundation Stick’ (Reviewed here), which works great in this summery/monsoon sweaty weather. Despite me sweating while wearing this product, it still did not mealt off, evident from the makeup wipes I use at the end of the day to clean my face.

Concealer: Loreal True match concealer has been a loyal companion to me since the past year or so. As you can see, I have shown it much love as it is long-lasting and the perfect medium coverage for me personally.

Highlighter/Illuminator: The Revlon photoready skinlights  got pushed back in my vanity until I was packing my makeup and spotted it. As it was much ignored I decided to take it with me and fell in love with it. It’s the perfect highlight without being over the top.

Loreal Paris Gel Eyeliner: I got this gel eyeliner post my Maybelline one, but as I got tired of using gel eyeliners, this was neglected. Finally going on a vacation I decided to take this trusty eyeliner along. Once it sets on your eyes, you know it won’t budge and lasts the whole day.


What makeup to carry on vacation - Lip shades


Lips: For lipsticks I tried to carry a range of shades from neutral to bright so that I had a colour option available depending on my mood or dress. The shades I carried are as follows:

  • Loreal Rouge Magique in the shade Mont Blanc. A very pretty neutral shade with pink undertones.
  • Loreal Color Riche Moist Matte in the shade Lincoln Rose. You need to have 1 red lipstick with you and this was my choice. This is a beautiful blue based red. Reviewed here.
  • Loreal Color Riche Moist Matte in the shade Raspberry Syrup. A bright pink with red undertones.
  • Loreal Color Riche Moist Matte in the shade Maple Mocha. This is a beautiful warm soft caramel kind of shade.
  • NYX Full Throttle lipstick in the shade Trickster. This is such a unique purple based pink without being over the top.
  • Colorbar Kiss proof lip stain in the shade Haute Latte. A gorgeous nude brown with pink under stones. Suits Indian skin tone really well. Reviewed here.
  • Colorbar Kiss proof lip stain in the shade Rustic. A beautiful warm brick tone which works so well for everyday look. It’s not too loud and not to subtle kind of shade.


What makeup to carry on vacation - Eye makeup


Eyeshadows: Although I carried a few eyeshadows with me, I didn’t get any use out of them, purely for the reason that it was monsoon and running about for everyday task did not warrant the wear of an eyeshadow for me. My travel on eyeshadow include are:

  • Opia eyeshadow which is a brown palette. I got this from U.K. Sometime back and use it on and off. They are highly pigmented and long-lasting.
  • Makeup Revolution Single eyeshadow. I have lost the name of this eyeshadow, ‘sorry’, but it’s a beautiful soft muted brown which I use to set my concealer on my eyelids.
  • M.A.C. Eyeshadow in the shade Club. This is something new that I got my hands on and still am waiting to try out. It’s duo chrome and thought it perfect for vacation where it could be handy but didn’t get an opportunity to try it out.

Eyeliner/Eyeshadow/Kohl pencil: These are a blessing to have in your bag, especially when you are in a hurry. You just line up your eyes and you are good to go.

  • Rimmel Exaggerate Waterproof Eye defined in the shade Sable, which is a beautiful brown shade. Reviewed here
  • Rimmel scandaleyes eyeshadow crayon in the shade Blamed blue, a turquoise shade. Reviewed here
  • Lakme absoulte kohl in the shade black; of course you need a kajal which also doubles up as an eyeliner.

Blush: For blush I carried yet again my trusty Revlon blush in the shade Haute Pink. I invariably choose this shade whenever I’m in doubt. Reviewed here.


What makeup to carry on a Vacation - Makeup brushes


Makeup brushes: For brushes I carried minimal, as I did not want to be overhauling loads of them.

  • Real Techniques folding kabuki brush, a perfect brush for every use whether applying foundation, blush, contour, powder. Easy to carry as it folds into its protective cover.
  • Colorbar blending brush, which I carry 2, one for my concealer and the other for blending in my eyeshadow.
  • QVS eyeshadow brush, which is a flat brush, good for packing on the eyeshadow on your lids.
  • Vega eyeliner brush, which I forgot to take a snap shot of. A really good budget brush. Reviewed here.

And that concludes my vacation makeup collection. Hope you all enjoyed it. Till next time.







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