Lakme Rose Powder

This is one of those products which I have seen my mother use and is still going strong. If you are in India, then the Lakme Rose powder is no secret to you, but is quite a debatable product with some loving it much and others hating it and wondering what purpose it has and why it still hangs around.Here is my part of that debate on this product which was launched almost 50 years ago.

Lakme Rose powder-soft rose

Lakme packages this lovely loose powder in a marron plastic case which is sturdy and looks classic. You get 40 gms of product priced at Rs 150 only which is pretty generous. Inside you have a sifter cover and a pretty decent cotton puff.

The sifter does make life easier to use the product as it otherwise would have been quite cumbersome to use the product. While the puff does its job and is nothing exceptional but at the price point of Rs 150, it’s pretty decent.

One thing is for sure, opening the Lakme powder is such a delight to the senses. As the name says Rose powder, it does exactly that, smell of roses which is so refreshing. That is what got me hooked back to this rose powder again along with the formulation. Lakme Rose powder-soft rose

The powder is soft and just melts into your skin evening it out. It’s a pretty sheer powder and won’t give you any coverage other than evening out your skin. So, if you are looking for coverage then give this powder a miss.

But it’s sheerness is so perfect for summer and this humid monsoon. I detest wearing anything much heavy during this humid monsoon and this is the perfect solution to my problem along with ofcourse my Maybelline fit me foundation stick which is so light weight that you forget you have anything on your face.

Lakme Rose powder-soft rose

I use this to set my concealer and so far I haven’t faced any creasing and find it perfect for it. Ever since I got this powder my routine has gotten more simpler, with just a bit of concealer, this face powder, a little bit of kajal and some lip balm and I’m good to go for running out to any errands.

But  as you can’t eat your cake and have it too; similarly this powder does not have any oil control and is not at all long-lasting. In this monsoon season it lasts up to 3 hours on my skin. So I would recommend using it for running out for errands and un important events when you just want something to even out your skin.

Lakme Rose powder-soft rose

This powder is also more pink toned which many protest is not a great for the yellow Indian skin tone. But so far, as I have been using it, I don’t find it standing out on my skin, but the pink tone has worked as a corrector. But this is something so individual, that preferences vary.

Lakme Rose powder-soft rose

Yet for this product which has been around for 50 years with a strong fan base, and still going strong, it is definitely worth being checked out once in a women’s lifetime. It’s older than you and has made a place for itself in many hearts and that should be enough to pique your interest in it.

Till next time my lovelies




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