Sabudana Khichadi ( Tapoica Pulao) – My Navratri meal Day 1

Happy Navratri to all.

Today marks the beginning of Navratri, the nine-day festival of the goddess Durga. It also marks many people fasting for these nine days as an observance of purifying & paying homage to the goddess. This means that you are only allowed certain food items which can be consumed during these 9 days. For e.g. no onions, garlic, non veg, rice…

For more details on Navratri refer here.

Now, various Hindu communities have a different ways of fasting, but more or less the acceptable food items are same throughout. Meaning some will not have what constitutes a normal meal these 9 days and only eat the acceptable food items for breakfast,lunch, snacks & dinner. Or like me, where I eat a normal vegetarian meal for the first half and post 2nd half of the day strictly only have the required food items while fasting.

And this brings me to the gist of this post, where for Day 1, I had a simple Savoury Tapioca Pulao or as we call it Sabudana Khichadi

2 Servings | 10 Prep Time | 20 Total Time

1 cup / Tapioca
3 / Slit green chilies
5-6 / Curry leaves
1 / chopped Tomatoe
2 / boiled chopped Potatoe
1-2 tbsp/ ghee or peanut oil
½ tspn / cummin
Special rock salt or as we call it sendha salt as per taste


To prepare wash a cup of Sabudana (Tapioca) & soak it in water only slightly covering till the top where the tapioca reaches in the utensil for 1-2 hours.

Sabudana- Tapioca khichdi

Sabudana- Tapioca khichdi

After 2 hours of soaking, take a non stick pan & heat the ghee or oil. Once it heats up add In the cummin & as they sizzle add the green chilies & curry leaves and temper them for a minute. Next add in the Tomatoe, boiled potatoes along with salt and stir them for a 1-2’minutes. Make sure to keep a medium flame after adding in the ingredients.

Next, add in the soaked Sabudana (Tapioca). If your Sabudana (tapioca) is to wet, then drain it in a sifter & leave it for 15 mins to dry out excess water.

Once, you add in the Sabudana (tapioca) mix it all up and reduce the flame to medium and keep stirring the Sabudana (Tapioca)

Sabudana- Tapioca khichdi
Mixing up the soaked Sabudana in the pan.

You need to cook this on an open flame for next 6-7 minutes with stirring in between till the Sabudana (Tapioca) turns translucent and looses its opacity. 

As you see the Sabduana turn Translucent is an indicator that it is now cooked and ready to be served.

Sabudana- Tapioca khichdi
My Day 1 meal Sabudana khichdi ready to eat.

And that is my Day 1 meal for Navratri, catch you tomorrow for my next meal update.




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