The Eyeshadow Experiment

How does one start an experiment. Simple, with an idea of what to do with a hated eyeshadow and the fascination with a duo chrome eyeshadow and voila a light bulb switched on in your brain.

Welcome, to the eyeshadow experiment where I your trullys will try and make an eyeshadow with a duo chrome effect or something like that if successful or just end with a load of muddy eyeshadow. Now, what I initially have is this brown colour from the Chambors eyeshadow trio palette which is absolutely useless for Asian medium skin tone.

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Rimmel Scandal eyes eyeshadow paint

I always knew about the scandal eyes eyeshadow crayons from Rimmel but never knew they also had an eyeshadow paint available. Intrigued, I picked up a single shade to try out and see whether I would love it or not in the shade Rich Russet.

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W7 Lighthly toasted eye colour palette

Finally got it; I had been waiting eagerly for the W7 in the buff:Lighthly toasted palette which arrived today.

This has been raved as a dupe for the UD palettes, and was on my wish list for some quite some time. The packaging is gorgeous tin box; reminds me of the pencil  tin box or rather the Camilin geometry set which used to come in a tin box that we used in High school.

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