The Eyeshadow Experiment

How does one start an experiment. Simple, with an idea of what to do with a hated eyeshadow and the fascination with a duo chrome eyeshadow and voila a light bulb switched on in your brain. Welcome, to the eyeshadow experiment where I your trullys will try and make an eyeshadow with a duo chrome… Continue reading The Eyeshadow Experiment

Rimmel Scandal eyes eyeshadow paint

I always knew about the scandal eyes eyeshadow crayons from Rimmel but never knew they also had an eyeshadow paint available. Intrigued, I picked up a single shade to try out and see whether I would love it or not in the shade Rich Russet.

Freedom Professional London Pro12 Dreamcatcher eyeshadow palette Update

I was super excited to get this palette when I saw it on Jabong and had written a first impression which you can check here. Playing around with this palette, I have found it to be a versatile where you can create day looks, summer looks, smoky looks, night looks…

W7 Lighthly toasted eye colour palette

Finally got it; I had been waiting eagerly for the W7 in the buff:Lighthly toasted palette which arrived today. This has been raved as a dupe for the UD palettes, and was on my wish list for some quite some time. The packaging is gorgeous tin box; reminds me of the pencil  tin box or… Continue reading W7 Lighthly toasted eye colour palette

Dreamcatcher- catch my wild dreams

Dreamcatcher the name itself asks you to pay attention and be interested. And if that does not intrigue you then look at the colours and the pattern embossed on these eyeshadows. They call for, “Hey you, pay attention now, cause you ain’t seen nothin like me” 😛 Ok ok, carried it off too far but… Continue reading Dreamcatcher- catch my wild dreams

Review: Revlon Colorstay Shadowlinks Eggplant & Java

Looking for a brown eyeshadow, I was sold over these cute single eyeshadows by Revlon which click on together and you could make your own customised palette. They were cute, very reasonably priced and could easily fit into your Handbags makeup pouch. But alas, I found them to be quite contradictory in their performance and… Continue reading Review: Revlon Colorstay Shadowlinks Eggplant & Java