Lakme Rose powder-soft rose
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Lakme Rose Powder

The classic Lakme rose powder review. Do you hate it or love it. Find out here.

Revlon Haute Pink blush
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Just Blush a little – Revlon Haute Pink

He looked, my heart beated faster, He smiled, and I felt this warmth creeping up my cheeks and I blushed. My cheeks were now a blushed pink, making him stare even more. (And here comes the reality check) But if only these cheeks could keep that blushed pink look like always, but in reality we… Continue reading Just Blush a little – Revlon Haute Pink

Za Perfect liquid foundation OC-20
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We have to part – Za Perfect fit liquid foundation

So the story goes, girl meets boy, falls in love, finds out boy was not perfect for her and she breaks up with him. Her heart is lost, broken and she doesnt know if she can love again. Does this story sound familiar when you get a new foundation which just doesnt work for you.… Continue reading We have to part – Za Perfect fit liquid foundation

Faces Canada Makeup wedges
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Faces Canada Makeup Wedges

Makeup sponges have always been a thing that I have passed up on. I never liked their texture and feel against my skin and mostly because I'm makeup brush kind of gal, I never really used them much. This however, has not changed much, but I wanted to try them again especially for my Streetwear… Continue reading Faces Canada Makeup Wedges

Maybelline Superfresh Perfecting Compact powder Shell
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Maybelline Superfresh Compact

It's been the worst 2 weeks with everyone taking turns to be ill, especially the little one. It's always feels the worst when the little one is ill, but now that we are all recovering, I finally decided to write about my beloved compact powder. In all honesty, I have used compact powders but never… Continue reading Maybelline Superfresh Compact

Street Wear Color Rich Perfection foundation Beige
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Street wear Color Rich Perfection Foundation

Alright I had promised myself a foundation ban, but when I spotted this cutie sitting in the corner of the shop, I couldn't resist the curiosity and bought it. I mean look at the packaging, it just reminded me of the Archie comics and honestly I love the revamped packaging by Streetwear. It just now… Continue reading Street wear Color Rich Perfection Foundation