MAC Cosmetics Haul
Makeup haul

High end Haul

New year starts with a tiny makeup haul.

Indian drugstore Makeup haul
Makeup haul

Makeup-skincare haul

No wifi, no mobile and it makes you realize how connected we are with the Internet and apps, and its use in our everyday life. Well after being disconnected for so long I'm back with a haul post. Now, this in no ways is trying to show off and let me clearly state that I… Continue reading Makeup-skincare haul

Rimmel London Haul
Haul, Makeup haul

Rimmel Haul & quick review

I was so glad to finally spot a Rimmel counter in the mall near home that I finally bought a few things which were on my Wishlist. Rimmel has very few counters in India, with stocks often running out. But, I was lucky to get exactly what I wanted. Sigh, shopping does make women excited… Continue reading Rimmel Haul & quick review

Makeup haul

Mini haul-makeup

While my little angel slept, I sat surfing the various sites, window shopping online, till I spotted the oh so bb cream from certain brand that I wanted to try, and before you know it I had a mini haul.