What makeup to carry on a vacation

Vacation Makeup kit 

Hi Everyone It's been a long time since I last posted. Just needed a break and now that I'm vacationing at my Moms place, it has bought back my enthusiasm to write again. So here I am with a post on "What Makeup I carried on my Vacation" Now, to begin, I have modestly carried …

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Beginner Makeup kit

A few of my favourite things

One fine day my sister popped up on my whatsapp message asking me advice from primer to lipshade for an upcoming event. She basically was running out of her makeup and not being someone like me who keeps an eye out of what is new, what works and so on, she approached me to help. …

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Loreal Paris Cannes Box

Loreal Paris Lumere Cannes Collection box

Finally, makeup brands realize the need for makeup kits/collection boxes in India. Presenting the Loreal Paris Lumere Cannes Collection box - Reign in Red. Loreal has cleverly packaged 3 Of its top products in a convenient box with something to appeal every women. I got the Cannes box Reign in Red as it has an …

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