Eyeshadow Trouble

Eyeshadow Trouble Eyeshadow won’t stay On; just a bad quality. You bought it and now are stuck with it. Yeah, you know what I’m talking about. Eye primer did it work, don’t think so! Well my recent experiment with few bad quality eyeshadow (click here to read which eyeshadows I’m talking about) lead me to

Rescuing Wrong shade of Foundation

Rescuing Wrong Shade of Foundation So you end up with the wrong shade of foundation whether you bought it or you are no longer tanned/pale when you did buy it. But what do you do with it now. Thrashing it would be a complete waste and loss; giving away is not always possible. In such

Saving Old Mascara

Saving Old Mascara Has it ever happened to you, your favourite mascara has become gloppy and a little dry before the expiration because you pumped in too much air in the mascara tube. Well, it has happened to me and rather than toss it out as there is still an acceptable amount of mascara, I