Maybelline fit me shine free foundation stick natural beige

Maybelline Fit Me Shine Free+Balance Foundation Stick

Hi Everyone Today I'm back with a very interesting product from Maybelline. Maybelline has been launching new products back to back in India, making things in the beauty world a lot interesting. One such product is their new Maybelline Fit Me Free+Balance Foundation stick (quite a mouthful) for combination skin. Now this baby is a… Continue reading Maybelline Fit Me Shine Free+Balance Foundation Stick

Revlon Haute Pink blush
Face makeup

Just Blush a little – Revlon Haute Pink

He looked, my heart beated faster, He smiled, and I felt this warmth creeping up my cheeks and I blushed. My cheeks were now a blushed pink, making him stare even more. (And here comes the reality check) But if only these cheeks could keep that blushed pink look like always, but in reality we… Continue reading Just Blush a little – Revlon Haute Pink

Vega Eyeliner brush
Eye makeup

Vega Eyeliner Brush

When I saw this lying in my brushes, I honestly had forgotten that I even had it. Considering I never used it before, I was actually going to chuck it out till I decided to try it out. And oh my god, it literally changed my misconception about it. I thought that a Vega eyeliner… Continue reading Vega Eyeliner Brush

Gala of London Liquidline Brownish black
Eye makeup

Gala of London Brownish black eyeliner

I have been looking for this eyeliner everywhere and when I spotted it online, I was so excited. Before I know it I added it to the other items in my bag and clicked checkout. The Gala of London Brownish black eyeliner brings back memories from my college days when brown eyeliners were just easily… Continue reading Gala of London Brownish black eyeliner

Indian drugstore Makeup haul
Makeup haul

Makeup-skincare haul

No wifi, no mobile and it makes you realize how connected we are with the Internet and apps, and its use in our everyday life. Well after being disconnected for so long I'm back with a haul post. Now, this in no ways is trying to show off and let me clearly state that I… Continue reading Makeup-skincare haul