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Coconut Egg curry

Scrumptious eggs cooked in a spicy coconut curry. Check the recipe out.

Story time- My fishy sunday affair
Ideas & Reflections

A Fishy Sunday affair

Yawn, as I stretched lazily on the sofa sipping my Tea (yes, we Indians are 99.9% Tea drinkers), I began reminiscing of my days back in Pune. Days when I had the best fish cuts available to turn them into delectable scrumptious curries and fries which went so well with your basic Rice or Chappati(Indian… Continue reading A Fishy Sunday affair

Indian stewed style oats
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Khichdi oats (indian stewed style oats)

Ok, so out of sheer laziness and boredom from the same old regular indian meals, I actually came up with this recipe. One, night I was just exhausted, and after putting my overcharged 3-year-old to bed, I started rummaging through the fridge to make some dinner for myself. The options were many but I just… Continue reading Khichdi oats (indian stewed style oats)

Healthy roasted Makahana recipe
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Quick healthy Makhanna(Lotus seeds)

With winter settling in, my hunger levels have increased and I always end up craving a snack with my Tea. But I also want it to be quick,easy,healthy and to mention not add to my waist line.  Rummaging thru my pantry, I came across a Packet full of Makhanna or Lotus seeds. Now essentially Makhanna… Continue reading Quick healthy Makhanna(Lotus seeds)

Oats with yogurt recipe
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The unassuming oats with yoghurt

Trust me when I say I'm no cook. At best I'm pretty average but sometimes I do hit the ball out of the park which I'm still figuring out if it is a hidden talent or just plain getting lucky. Well, keeping with the lucky streak (*hoping it is not, but a hidden talent, sigh)… Continue reading The unassuming oats with yoghurt