Quick healthy Makhanna(Lotus seeds)

With winter settling in, my hunger levels have increased and I always end up craving a snack with my Tea. But I also want it to be quick,easy,healthy and to mention not add to my waist line.  Rummaging thru my pantry, I came across a Packet full of Makhanna or Lotus seeds. Now essentially Makhanna… Continue reading Quick healthy Makhanna(Lotus seeds)

Egg noodles in vegetable soup

So today I’m changing it up from my regular beauty reviews to a food post. My toddler is a finicky eater and coming up with recipes to entice her palate is a challenge. The recent fascination has been noodles and more so Maggi (instant noodles) which given anytime is gobbled up like there is no… Continue reading Egg noodles in vegetable soup