Rimmel Scandaleyes Eyeshadow paint Rich Russet

Rimmel Scandal eyes eyeshadow paint

I always knew about the scandal eyes eyeshadow crayons from Rimmel but never knew they also had an eyeshadow paint available. Intrigued, I picked up a single shade to try out and see whether I would love it or not in the shade Rich Russet. Rich Russet is a gorgeous Taupe bronze shade which is… Continue reading Rimmel Scandal eyes eyeshadow paint

Maybelline Superfresh Perfecting Compact powder Shell
Face makeup

Maybelline Superfresh Compact

It's been the worst 2 weeks with everyone taking turns to be ill, especially the little one. It's always feels the worst when the little one is ill, but now that we are all recovering, I finally decided to write about my beloved compact powder. In all honesty, I have used compact powders but never… Continue reading Maybelline Superfresh Compact

Pink lipstick in Indian Market

An affair with pink

I was looking at you tube videos where you tubers were de cluttering their makeup and some of them had almost the same shades in different brands. Seeing those videos, I realised that even I have the tendency to buy mauve or muted pinks and would have a few of them in the same family… Continue reading An affair with pink

Street Wear Color Rich Perfection foundation Beige
Face makeup, Foundation

Street wear Color Rich Perfection Foundation

Alright I had promised myself a foundation ban, but when I spotted this cutie sitting in the corner of the shop, I couldn't resist the curiosity and bought it. I mean look at the packaging, it just reminded me of the Archie comics and honestly I love the revamped packaging by Streetwear. It just now… Continue reading Street wear Color Rich Perfection Foundation

Nail Enamel


Winter winter and you want to wear colours which just match the dreary weather. It's just gloomy with no sun and fog; so how do you cheer up is simply with a new nail enamel. I found the perfect nail colour in a nearby shop from Elle18, which compliments the current weather  we have. Priced… Continue reading NOTD-Winter

Faces Glam On Perfect blush Hot Pink
Face makeup

Faces Glam on Perfect Blush- Hot Pink

Dont you just love a flush of rosy pink on your cheeks in winter? Well, that was what made me buy the Faces blush in Hot Pink. Looking for that flush of rosy pink, I ventured to buy this blush, happy that I would get just the colour I was looking for. Reasonably priced at… Continue reading Faces Glam on Perfect Blush- Hot Pink