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My #Kyliejenner lips

As I close my eyes, sleep finally creeping in, the middle of the night a scream puts my husband on alert. Oh wait I'm the one screaming barely Audible mumbles in pain. "What happened"  - husband "mummmpmmummph" - Me "What" - Husband "The baby head butted me directly on the lips"- Me. "Oh is that all" -… Continue reading My #Kyliejenner lips

Rimmel London Haul
Haul, Makeup haul

Rimmel Haul & quick review

I was so glad to finally spot a Rimmel counter in the mall near home that I finally bought a few things which were on my Wishlist. Rimmel has very few counters in India, with stocks often running out. But, I was lucky to get exactly what I wanted. Sigh, shopping does make women excited… Continue reading Rimmel Haul & quick review

Rimmel Scandaleyes Eyeshadow paint Rich Russet

Rimmel Scandal eyes eyeshadow paint

I always knew about the scandal eyes eyeshadow crayons from Rimmel but never knew they also had an eyeshadow paint available. Intrigued, I picked up a single shade to try out and see whether I would love it or not in the shade Rich Russet. Rich Russet is a gorgeous Taupe bronze shade which is… Continue reading Rimmel Scandal eyes eyeshadow paint

Indian Skincare haul
Haul, Skin care

Skin care haul & mini review

With my usual lotions and potions finally running out, I recently went out to purchase them and ended up with a small haul. I usually don't change a lot in my skin care as I have sensitive skin and I'm already paying the price with breakouts by changing my face moisturizer. Well, that is another… Continue reading Skin care haul & mini review

Maybelline Superfresh Perfecting Compact powder Shell
Face makeup

Maybelline Superfresh Compact

It's been the worst 2 weeks with everyone taking turns to be ill, especially the little one. It's always feels the worst when the little one is ill, but now that we are all recovering, I finally decided to write about my beloved compact powder. In all honesty, I have used compact powders but never… Continue reading Maybelline Superfresh Compact

Pink lipstick in Indian Market

An affair with pink

I was looking at you tube videos where you tubers were de cluttering their makeup and some of them had almost the same shades in different brands. Seeing those videos, I realised that even I have the tendency to buy mauve or muted pinks and would have a few of them in the same family… Continue reading An affair with pink