Apollo Pharmacy Foot care cream
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Apollo Pharmacy Foot Care Cream

Winter is harsh for one's skin from head to bottom. While we may take care of our overall skin, what we mostly do is neglect are our feet. And in this quest I have ended up using quite a few foot creams but what has stuck with me and regularly being used is the Apollo… Continue reading Apollo Pharmacy Foot Care Cream

Apollo Pharmacy Deep Nourishing Moisturiser
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Apollo Pharmacy Deep Nourishing Moisturizer

Ok it took me writing this post to actually notice that what I have been using as a hand cream is actually not a hand cream but a moisturizer. I mean what is with me, I think I just have been day dreaming away that I didn't even notice this. Sigh, any ways let me… Continue reading Apollo Pharmacy Deep Nourishing Moisturizer

Indian Skincare haul
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Skin care haul & mini review

With my usual lotions and potions finally running out, I recently went out to purchase them and ended up with a small haul. I usually don't change a lot in my skin care as I have sensitive skin and I'm already paying the price with breakouts by changing my face moisturizer. Well, that is another… Continue reading Skin care haul & mini review

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St Ives Swiss Vanilla

The inviting smell of vanilla draws you in as you hold the lotion in your palms. The sweet smell just gives you a refreshing feel even before you apply it. St Ives body lotions are one of the best lotions out in the market. They have many different variety ranging from oatmeal and Shea butter,… Continue reading St Ives Swiss Vanilla