My Nail Polish Collection

Hi Everyone

Today I’m here with my Nail polish collection which honestly is not a lot. I’m not really into nail polishes that much and hence have a limited number of shades. It’s just one of those things I do like applying but it’s not that every few days I need to have a new colour on. ( I hope you get what I mean)

Nail polish 11

My entire nail polish collection is stored in a cardboard box, which was actually a box in which a few items had arrived and I found the box sturdy and useable, so I stored my nail polishes in them. As you can see there is still space to have a few more but I’m just not inclined to buy anything new at least when it comes to nail polish.

Some as you can see have found more love than others. I mostly have earthy and subdued colours with just a few bright shades. While a few I’m still haven’t touched and hopefully will be wearing few of them more in the summer. In the mean time lets see what I got

Nail polish 2

Nail polish 3

  • Lotus makeup Colour Dew nail enamel: I have 3 shades in this range and last at least a week on my nails. The formulation is good and nothing exceptional and worth checking out.
  • Colorbar Nail Lacquer: Again I have 3 shades from this brand which also decently perform on my nails.


Nail polish 4


Nail polish 5

  • Streetwear Nail colour: Yup again I have 3 from this brand and really love them. If you notice these are the most used nail polishes especially the 3rd one Wild child which is a duo chrome colour which looks grey but has this mauve spectrum mixed with it. I’m not sure if you still get these colours as I bought them a long time ago.
  • Loreal Color Riche nail polish: I love the blue and bright coral orange colour but the sad thing is that these don’t stay long on my nails. Within a day, they start to chip and hence I’m just trying to finish these off. A bit disappointed with Loreal for their nail polishes.


Nail polish 6


Nail polish 7

  • Maybelline Color show nail polish: These are the most reasonably priced good quality nail polishes. Long lasting and have an endless colour selection to choose from.


Nail polish 8


Nail polish 9

  • Next are my random nail polishes; an old Maybelline Express finish, Elle 18, New u nail polish, a Rimmel 60 seconds nail polish which was a complimentary gift, and a Sally Hansen Ultimate shield.


Nail polish 10


Nail polish12

  • And lastly my Gel nail polishes from Maybelline & Colorbar which just don’t stay put on my nails at all and hence I keep in a separate pouch. Within an hour of application they just start chipping from my nails. I initially tried the red shade from Colorbar and when it chipped thought it might be their formulation. But when the same thing happened with Maybelline, I knew that gel Polishes and my nails are not a match made in heaven.Hence, I’m going to give these away to someone as they are still brand new and the other 4 colorbar polishes, I haven’t even touched them.

Hope you enjoyed reading and seeing my collection. Until the next time keep smiling.




8 thoughts on “My Nail Polish Collection

    1. Thanks 😊, I only have 2 shade names from the colorbar nail polishes as the middle 2 shades were Free with purchases and don’t have a name or shade no on them. The 1st shade is 097 Plum Grenadine, the next 2 don’t have any shade names, and the last one is 20 Mad over Mauve. I hope this helps.

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