Story time- My fishy sunday affair
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A Fishy Sunday affair

Yawn, as I stretched lazily on the sofa sipping my Tea (yes, we Indians are 99.9% Tea drinkers), I began reminiscing of my days back in Pune. Days when I had the best fish cuts available to turn them into delectable scrumptious curries and fries which went so well with your basic Rice or Chappati(Indian… Continue reading A Fishy Sunday affair

Beginner Makeup kit
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A few of my favourite things

One fine day my sister popped up on my whatsapp message asking me advice from primer to lipshade for an upcoming event. She basically was running out of her makeup and not being someone like me who keeps an eye out of what is new, what works and so on, she approached me to help.… Continue reading A few of my favourite things