Loreal Paris Eye Kohl
Junk it

Junk It – kohl pencil

In today's Junk it series, I feature my Loreal Paris Color Riche Kohl pencil which has to finally retire. I bought this pencil around 2 years back if I remember correctly and have been using it religiously to draw thin line on my upper lash line for a natural look. But recently this has been… Continue reading Junk It – kohl pencil

Maybelline falsies volume express mascara
Junk it

Junk it – Mascara

In continuation with Junk it, the next product I'm junking is my Maybelline Falsies Mascara which I have used up. I got this mascara based on the hype and popularity of it in the blogging world. But, I really didn't find any massive difference for my lashes using this mascara and was disappointed. So goodbye… Continue reading Junk it – Mascara